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> Il giorno 27 set 2016, alle ore 11:36, Simon Poole <notifications at github.com> ha scritto:
> Case at hand are the continuing complaints from the US community that the talk list (as it is now, not way back) is "hostile" and we should apply a strict US-styls CoC to it, which would then exclude essentially everybody from areas with a direct culture if they do not subscribe to US style communications.

I also see the whole CoC concept as an US-style concept, and would suggest to adopt it for the US lists (if not done already). No need for cultural US imperialism on the rest of our communication channels.

I don't believe at all that having a CoC would save us from undesirable behavior, e.g. a dispute between 2 US citizens on the diversity-talk-list (sic!1!!) comes to mind (which since then is basically dead), fought in best politically correct style ;-)
It would only give some bureaucrats the power to temporarily block people for writing things that might be offensive in some parts of the world and not in others. When dealing with people from different cultural contexts, the most important thing IMHO is tolerance. Imposing your own cultural codes on everyone else might be perceived as hostile as well, even if you do it with the best intentions.
This is still a nice project, let's not empower the bureaucrats 

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