[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Let's adopt the Contributor Covenant code of conduct (#1299)

Bryan Housel notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 27 14:59:04 UTC 2016

Hey @dieterdreist, thanks for your comments..

> I also see the whole CoC concept as an US-style concept, and would suggest to adopt it for the US lists (if not done already). No need for cultural US imperialism on the rest of our communication channels.

That's a fair concern.  I am not trying to enforce US-style cultural norms or morality on this project.  That would just be fucking pointless. 😄 

Maybe a better way of looking at it is:  Pretend there are 100s of people reading this discussion right now, all from different parts of the world, mix of genders, ages, races, religions.  Maybe they are trying to decide if they want to get involved with openstreetmap-website, or OpenStreetMap in general.  If we are disrespectful to each other or if we casually disrespect certain groups of people, _at least some_ of those people watching from the sidelines will leave.  

This hurts the project.  (As @tomhughes already mentioned, he could use some more core community to help him out).  So, even if we take the admins out of the picture - I could call you names and if nobody steps up to say anything about it, people leave and the project suffers, and that's bad for everyone (especially Tom, who is really just trying to do his best to keep osm.org running).

> I don't believe at all that having a CoC would save us from undesirable behavior, 

You're absolutely right that a CoC does not prevent bad behavior.  Every project of any importance gets its share of trolls and vandals. 

> It would only give some bureaucrats the power to temporarily block people for writing things that might be offensive in some parts of the world and not in others. When dealing with people from different cultural contexts, the most important thing IMHO is tolerance. 

The admins already do have the power to block people.  Adding a CoC doesn't grant them any special powers - it's really just a written down list of things that they already are doing.  Having it written down reminds everybody be respectful to each other, and clears up some of the grey areas around "should I say something or not", and encourages people who are unsure about contributing that it's safe for them to do so.

And really, blocking should be used as a last resort.  In most cases, commenters forget that their words are being seen by lots of people, and a gentle reminder to be respectful is all that's needed.

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