[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Update to iD v2.1.0 (#1425)

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Sat Feb 4 06:22:33 UTC 2017

## 2.1.0
##### Feb 4, 2017
* Bugfixes:
  * Improve tests for line joins in walkthrough (openstreetmap/iD#3695)
  * Fix country code lookup / address,phone fields on IE11 (Object.assign issue)
  * Show "You have unsaved changes" message also in save mode (openstreetmap/iD#3788, thanks @tyrasd)
  * Eliminate duplicates from commit message dropdown (openstreetmap/iD#3759, thanks @Abbe98)
  * Don't create extra combobox caret divs in the address field (openstreetmap/iD#3715)
  * Fix issue with mouse coordinates while dragging and nudging/zooming (openstreetmap/iD#3594)
  * Fix for lasso behavior missing mouseup event (openstreetmap/iD#3800)
  * Fix spinner position when UI is RTL (openstreetmap/iD#3794)
  * Don't write history while user is in draw_line/draw_way, etc (openstreetmap/iD#3750)
  * Don't show radial menu when selecting entity from member/membership editor
  * More checks to prevent duplicate consecutive nodes (openstreetmap/iD#3676, openstreetmap/iD#1296)
  * Fix RTL languages along linestring paths on Chrome and Safari (openstreetmap/iD#3707, thanks @miladkdz)
  * When merging node to area, preserve original node if possible (openstreetmap/iD#3683)
  * Allow double-clicking on midpoints to create vertex (openstreetmap/iD#3687, thanks @edpop)
  * Don't jump cursor to end of line when editing housenumber (openstreetmap/iD#3650)
* New Features:
  * Warn if user creates an untagged relation (openstreetmap/iD#3812)
  * Add kml and geojson support to gpx layer (openstreetmap/iD#3811, thanks @mertemin)
  * Add language debugging mode that shows translation keys (openstreetmap/iD#3755)
  * Upgrade to MapillaryJS viewer v2.4
  * Add ability to restart ui and change locale on the fly (openstreetmap/iD#3764, thanks @kepta)
  * Improve save flow so user knows there is more to do after clicking Save (openstreetmap/iD#3777, openstreetmap/iD#2378)
    * Desaturate the map to call attention to upload pane
    * Don't show two save buttons, rename one to Upload
    * Show icon with the Save button
  * Use 'pt' wiki pages in 'pt-BR' iD localization (openstreetmap/iD#3776)
  * Upgrade to latest maki icons (openstreetmap/iD#3024, openstreetmap/iD#3756, thanks @ajithranka)
    * Includes icon for tourism information objects (openstreetmap/iD#3573)
    * Includes icon for subway_entrance (openstreetmap/iD#3255)
  * Support replacing the geocoder service (openstreetmap/iD#3754, thanks @kepta)
    * :warning: `iD.services.nominatim` is now `iD.services.geocoder`
  * User must select nodes before dragging them (openstreetmap/iD#3739, thanks @edpop)
  * Support smoothly transitioned actions (openstreetmap/iD#3659)
  * Add Reflect Long / Reflect Short operations (openstreetmap/iD#3555, openstreetmap/iD#3375, thanks @Psigio)
  * Improved address field customization, allow country-specific placeholders (openstreetmap/iD#3643, thanks @Natsuyasumi)
* Performance:
  * Use the same ids for temporary nodes and ways created in draw modes (openstreetmap/iD#1369)
* Presets:
  * Add Notary preset (openstreetmap/iD#3813, thanks @Zverik)
  * Add additional aerialway presets (openstreetmap/iD#3733, thanks @ajithranka)
  * Add natural features category (openstreetmap/iD#2843, thanks @ajithranka)
  * Add step_count field to Steps preset (openstreetmap/iD#3740, thanks @boothym)
  * Add universal email and fax fields (openstreetmap/iD#3735, thanks @M1dgard)
  * Show tracktype as first field for Track preset (openstreetmap/iD#3718)
  * Add preset for place=square (openstreetmap/iD#3658)
  * Add preset for leisure=horse_riding (openstreetmap/iD#3619)
  * Add presets for barrier=toll_booth, barrier=border_control (openstreetmap/iD#3719)
  * Improve Social Facility presets (openstreetmap/iD#3702)
  * Improve military presets (openstreetmap/iD#3663)
  * Add presets for natural Bare Rock, Ridge, Sand (openstreetmap/iD#3646)
  * Add outdoor_seating checkbox (openstreetmap/iD#3730, thanks @mertemin)
  * Improve Turkish address scheme (openstreetmap/iD#3729, thanks @mertemin)
  * Prefer office=coworking over amenity=coworking_space (openstreetmap/iD#3714, thanks @iandees)
  * Improve Japanese address scheme (openstreetmap/iD#3712, thanks @Natsuyasumi)
  * Add fire_hydrant:position field to presets (openstreetmap/iD#3708, thanks @wopfel)
  * Add Castle Type field to Castle preset (openstreetmap/iD#3685, thanks @abdeldjalil09)
  * Add Taiwan phone format (openstreetmap/iD#3655, thanks @Supaplextw)
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Update to iD v2.1.0

-- File Changes --

    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.css.erb (129)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.js (29792)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/img/iD-sprite.svg (59)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/img/maki-sprite.svg (2)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/af.json (22)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ar-AA.json (10)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ar.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ast.json (77)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bg-BG.json (44)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bn.json (19)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bs.json (48)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ca.json (213)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/cs.json (111)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/da.json (290)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/de.json (447)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/el.json (111)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en-GB.json (60)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en.json (362)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/eo.json (741)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/es.json (415)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/et.json (45)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fa.json (282)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fi.json (478)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fr.json (397)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/gl.json (3187)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/gu.json (4)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hi.json (3)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hr.json (281)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hu.json (272)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hy.json (39)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/id.json (60)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/is.json (37)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/it.json (304)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ja.json (159)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/kn.json (29)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ko.json (1259)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ku.json (1)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lt.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lv.json (16)
    A vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/mk.json (4433)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/nl.json (462)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/no.json (269)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pl.json (325)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt-BR.json (306)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt.json (401)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ro.json (14)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ru.json (314)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/si.json (32)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sk.json (87)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sl.json (67)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sq.json (29)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sr.json (61)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sv.json (351)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ta.json (12)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/te.json (26)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/th.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/tl.json (34)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/tr.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/uk.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/vi.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/yue.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-CN.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-HK.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-TW.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh.json (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.js (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.js.map (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.min.css (0)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.min.js (0)

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