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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 20 08:58:25 UTC 2017

I'm fine with adding new API calls to just the rails code.

But this is because while @zerebubuth and I agree on 95% of cgimap/rails discussions, the one thing we slightly disagree on is the final destination. 

My goal is to have the API powered by rails, and use cgimap-ruby to do the heavy lifting for some/many of the API calls. This will remove the duplication (of having both a rails version of e.g. /map and a cgimap version) yet leaves the whole thing integrated. This saves having to write a C++ version of every single API call, and while most of our API calls are currently geodata related, I see more and more being things like friends and home locations and groups and stuff that has little advantage in being (re-)written in C++.

@zerebubuth's goal with cgimap is to run all of the API calls with no ruby/rails involved whatsoever, and to have cgimap-ruby as a shim so that it's easy for developers to have a working API when doing local development or small deployments (without having to set up both the website and also cgimap processes to get thigns working). For example, this is why cgimap now can handle oauth signed requests directly, whereas I would let rails continue to do the oauth and then hand over to cgimap.

So both of us want cgimap, and both of us want cgimap-ruby to be fully integrated into the rails codebase, but for different reasons :-)

As I said at the top, I think it's fine to have ruby-only API calls, since that's part of my long-term planning for openstreetmap-website. But other developers have slightly different long-term plans.

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