[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add "show tile image" to right click menu (#1446)

Ilya Zverev notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 20 16:57:59 UTC 2017

I still do not understand why not. We see a lot of questions here, there is an ongoing discussion filled with frustration in the Russian telegram channel, there are some puzzled tweets. We have a pull request, so now it is not the "please do the work" kind of issue, but "why you won't merge it" one.

Whom the "show tile image" menu item would hurt? It is not prominent, it does what it says. Outsiders will see that it opens an image and will close the extra tab with a shrug. They won't leave the website or argue that the website is not usable anymore.

Many mappers occasionaly need to get a tile URL. The most common usage is for /dirtying, programmers use it for testing downloaders and coordinate conversions, some copy the URL for the template to embed in their websites. It is not just ten or a hundred people.

As we learnt, shift+click does not work everywhere. The website is for mappers, so since we already have a popup menu, why not make a mapper's life a tiny bit easier by adding the extra menu item?

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