[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Subscribe to an object (#1454)

Andrew Harvey notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 22 11:11:04 UTC 2017

> So this should be an RSS feed not only for an object, but also for all of its members? The former is pretty simple to do, I guess.

Yes that's one way of addressing this. It might quickly turn into an unmanageable number of feeds to subscribe to though. A lot of the benefits I think come from being auto-subscribed once you make a change (if you've enabled auto-subscription).

> I not sure subscribing to objects really makes much sense and it would probably quickly get out of control in terms of the number of subscription records.

I haven't really thought about the implementation, just the feature would be nice to have to monitor places you know (since you've edited them in the past) but without the huge investment of looking through all changes in the bbox.

> What's really needed as we've known for a long time is a way to get some sort of subscription to an area that is actually accurate (ie only triggers when there are really changes in an area) but that's a hard problem. There already lots of tickets for it though I'm sure

I think that's a separate issue, a casual user with limited time to devote to OSM mightn't want to go through all the changes in their bbox, but they might be interested when the 10 features they've added to OSM over the last few months get changed by someone else.

> So I'm going to close this as I don't think it would ever be practical to allow object level subscriptions.

No problem. I unfortunately don't have the time to help out, just thought I would pass on the idea to see what others think.

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