[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add MAPS.ME authentication (#1433)

Matt Amos notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 22 12:55:21 UTC 2017

> Google will start blocking webview authentication forms in less than two months.

The fix that [Google suggest](https://developers.googleblog.com/2016/08/modernizing-oauth-interactions-in-native-apps.html) is to use "in-app tabs" instead:

> Modern “in-app browser tab” patterns available on some operating systems, such as Chrome Custom Tabs on Android and SFSafariViewController on iOS offer further UX improvements for browser-based OAuth flows.

The blog post goes on to say how "in-app tabs" are also an improvement for security. Would Google's suggestion be an easier (and possibly more secure) upgrade path for anyone currently doing OAuth in a WebView?

> As for the community, I think that is the myth that became obsolete around 2012. We don't have a single community anymore, like e.g. Facebook does not have a community of facebook users.

I wasn't suggesting that there is a single community. I was suggesting that we might look for alternative routes for people to contribute if they're not interested in becoming part of the wider OSM community or communities.

I think that it's important that we're able to audit the data in OSM, and contact members to ask whether they need help, start discussions about how to map things, or check what their original sources were.

> What matters is mappers answering e-mails, and this is a step in that direction.

Please could you explain how this PR helps? At the moment, I can't see how it adds anything we don't already have in our Google and Facebook integrations.

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