[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Diff upload does not allow forward references to placeholders (#1465)

Paul Norman notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 27 01:01:48 UTC 2017

Take the example in https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/3208#issuecomment-281942743

If you took that diff you'd end up with an osmChange for the changeset of

<osmChange version="0.6" generator="iD">
      <node id="1" lon="11.625506992810122" lat="46.866699181636555" version="0" changeset="3">
         <tag k="highway" v="bus_stop" />
      <node id="2" lon="11.62686047585252" lat="46.86730122861715" version="0" changeset="3">
         <tag k="highway" v="bus_stop" />
      <relation id="1" version="0" changeset="3">
         <member type="node" role="" ref="1" />
         <tag k="type" v="route" />
         <tag k="name" v="AtoB" />
      <relation id="2" version="0" changeset="3">
         <member type="relation" role="" ref="1" />
         <member type="relation" role="" ref="3" />
         <tag k="type" v="route_master" />
         <tag k="name" v="master" />
      <relation id="3" version="0" changeset="3">
         <member type="node" role="" ref="2" />
         <tag k="type" v="route" />
         <tag k="name" v="BtoA" />

If you process this all at once, all the references are there, but if you split it up between the relation 2 and 3 creates you get two diffs, the first of which references relations that don't exist.

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