[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] [WIP] Allow reporting of abusive users to moderators or admins (#1576)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Thu Jul 6 08:49:18 UTC 2017

> ChangesetComment should probably be included too.

Good suggestion.

> [Reporting undiscussed imports], however, is firmly out of scope for this feature

I tend to agree. I want to make sure that this focusses on flagging spam that needs intervention from someone with website powers, even if it might be a basis for a more complex system in the future. From a UI perspective it will be a good idea to integrate everything, but that's probably a phase 2 thing.

> Then again, would we be inventing yet another forum?

I would prefer to keep the issues and issue comments as a tool just for moderators/admins for now. It reduces the scope, and can always be changed in the future when we get more experience. I think where the comments will prove useful is when an issue (e.g. diary comment moderation) is reassigned from the moderators to the administrators in order to close a whole user account, for example. The PR includes the concept of reassigning issues from one role to another (but issues aren't assigned to individuals).

> I wonder if this change also introduces a more fine-grained set of permissions than "admin" and "moderator"

Not as yet, still only moderators and admins. It has the idea that issues are assigned by default to a particular role based on the object type (which is reasonable e.g. DiaryEntry -> moderator) and can be subsequently reassigned, but then has some assumptions like people only belong to one or other group, there's only two groups, etc, which will need some refactoring. 

> What remedies are available to act on reports

Nothing, beyond whatever exists already. This PR just adds the reporting mechanism. I suspect further PRs will be required to e.g. allow moderators to edit ChangesetComments or whatever remedies are required.

> What kind of "paper trail" would be left by such actions

Nothing, beyond whatever exists already or is implemented in the future. See also [paper_trail](https://github.com/airblade/paper_trail).

> give the right to remove offensive remarks from changeset comments to 100 people speaking different languages without vetting every one of them like we would if we'd give them full moderator rights

My feeling is to make this a phase 2 concern, until we know how many reports per week we get. But I'll keep an eye open that we might need more user roles (and that might need a proper authorisation framework, like [cancancan](https://github.com/CanCanCommunity/cancancan), but that's even more scope creep!).

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