[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add a third status to Notes for work-in-progress or more-info-needed (#1578)

Elliott Plack notifications at github.com
Sun Jul 9 19:42:11 UTC 2017

Notes are a useful QA tool for the map. Their function could be enhanced by adding a **third status** for an issue that is either a **work in progress** (WIP) issue or one that **needs more information**. The status, selectable by any logged-in user, including the originator.

The _purpose_ of the new status is to **indicate** an issue where more information is needed to resolve the issue. The status should _change the visual design_ of the note icon to a **yellow question mark** (?) icon.

The status should be relatively open-ended, allowing users to add it when they feel a note is acknowledged but something else, e.g. information, on-the-ground knowledge, new imagery, etc., is needed to resolve it.

### Example user stories

1. As a mapper that is resolving notes, I want to change the status of an open note after I comment, letting other mappers know that I've acknowledged the issue but need to do more research to resolve it.
2. As a mapper that is reviewing notes, I want to comment on the note with a question back to the originator and I want to let other mappers know that this issue is active.
3. As the mapper that originally put the note on the map, I want to change the status to WIP to let other mappers know that this is a note-to-self and that I will resolve it later.
4. As a mapper reviewing potentially spammy notes, I want to give the originator a chance to address the question I write, before closing it.

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