[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Change the way changesets are displayed to use achavi (#1376)

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Sun Jul 16 13:20:18 UTC 2017

>  I am trying to map your numbers on the current history page of OSM, which displays 20 changesets at once.

Ah, ok. I thought we're more looking more at how a single changeset is rendered, like initially mentioned by @rmikke in this issue. I don't know what is means from a UX perspective, if we're loading data (even GeoJSON) for 20 changesets at once, which may be quite large. I would propose to focus on a single changeset for the time being.

> I don't know the average size for a geojson-ed changeset

I'd love to see those figures based on @geohacker's experience with the current cache.

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