[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Allow for more than one linked social account (#1274)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Sun Jun 25 14:55:37 UTC 2017

That's one possible design certainly - it's not what I had in mind but that doesn't matter.

It's actually probably a bit easier to implement that design, at least on the frontend although the backend will likely be more complicated so that might be a bit of a tossup. It does take more screen real estate though.

My idea by the way was to only list the active methods, along the an "add new method" option that allowed to link a new account. That's a bit more complicated but means you don't have to deal with validating more than one account at a time if somebody tries to enable multiple accounts.

I guess you could have it so clicking on the image submitted immediately which would avoid that, but might be confusing if the user has changed other things - do those get applied at that point? if not how are they preserved? Maybe the auth options should be moved to a separate screen, or enabling a new auth should work by AJAX without reloading the page, but again that will be a lot more work especially because of the need to redirect to the auth service to validate it...

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