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Timothy Ellersiek timothy.ellersiek at
Thu Nov 9 14:02:32 UTC 2017

Greetings developers,

I am one of the few engineers of which is 
purely based on openstreetmap data, entirely open source and free for 
the public.
For a couple of years we have been offering an isochrones service which 
lets you determine areas of reachability, with time or distance as 
input. As an example:,8.676453&b=0&i=0&j1=10&j2=1&k1=en-US&k2=km

To be honest, this service is still quite unknown/hidden to the public, 
probably also because not everyone understands the potential of it at 
once. Building isochrones
from OSM data is something valuable for many businesses / outdoor lovers 
using ORS and also a pretty fancy showcase feature for OSM, in our opinion.

On I can find handful of service providers for 
directions one can choose from, all featuring their capabilities of 
routing on top of OSM data. What is your take on adding
a second example (isochrones) of how to consume openstreetmap data - for 
a more analytical purpose? On the one hand it would benefit us obviously 
but on the otherhand it's a pretty vivid showcase for OSM.



Timothy Ellersiek
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