[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Reduce size of application.js by removing translations? (#1949)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 16 10:18:20 UTC 2018

The key thing is not removing the translations anyway, it is splitting them up so you only get the ones for your current locale. As I explained in the operations ticket that appears to be tricky to do but probably not impossible.

Trying to further break them down seems like a bad idea to me - as I also explained on the operations ticket the rails theory in general is not to create dozens of tiny files that need to be downloaded, but to bundle things together.

My goal (for translations) is to remove them from `application.js` to `i18n/<locale>.js` or something but it will need to wait a week or two before I have time to look in detail at how to go about it.

Your other suggestion appears to be going in the opposite direction of what I understood to be our direction of travel, by moving things from the client to the server. I'm really reluctant to be tying up server resources on something like that which can be relatively long running and my general goal has been to do the opposite - to the extent that I actually have a branch where I was playing around with moving the geocoder stuff to the client.

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