[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Include POI names in routing URL (#1910)

ADepic notifications at github.com
Sun Aug 26 11:01:06 UTC 2018

> The web site exists to support mappers rather than end users and routing is primarily there as a tool for detecting broken connections rather than as a way to publish routes to the world.

I disagree. The main page has to be for consumers otherwise many people will disregard the project as a whole simply from the main page. 

The would be more harmful then helpful to the mapping community due to the fact that many potential users, who woul d have gotten interested and started mapping would be lost. And that means potential usability features will be scattered over many website for end users to scavenge and find, which I doubt anyone will do unless someone experienced tells them.

Not to mention a separate website could be made to "support mappers rather than end users".

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