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I agree osm shouldn't be selling hotels deals and prices like google maps does (AKA. osm shouldn't have to match the feature parity of google maps, but atleast make it user friendly! For example, POIs are not clickable, and even if they were, descriptions of POI's only show change set comments and tags - not user friendly. Changing that does not require expensive employment.

The problem with third party apps and websites is that they do not engage with the project as much, so many users of a mapplication e.g. Maps.me won't find out or care about osm. Yet if you search for osm you find a non-user friendly website. Why does it just have to be showcase when it could be so much more, especially considering it would be so much more useable for consumers with a few small changes...

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> The main page is for mappers, not consumers, because hoping to achieve feature parity with e.g. google maps would simply bind too many resources. The main page is one of many ways to consume OSM data - today, many more people use (or see) our data through third party web sites or mobile apps. If our main web site is a showcase then it is a showcase for the data we have, not a show case for how great the UI designers are that we employ.
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