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Thu Jan 11 17:24:40 UTC 2018

I am a second year computer science student from IIIT-Bangalore. I have been working on ruby on rails for building the backend of a product on which I have been working on along with a few of my classmates.

 Its called LOGIX which is a free of cost digital simulator mostly made for students and universities. People can share the circuits which they have built. Others can fork from their circuit and work on it. The product also provides features like groups where a mentor can give assignments to the members and can keep deadlines.
We are planning to go public by the month end. The entire backend has been made by me along with one of my friend and it uses Rails. I have provided the link for it below.    (Don’t use google, Facebook oauth for signing in as its not yet linked with the url)

I haven’t contributed to any open source project yet but I am highly interested in contributing to the organisation. I am not able to figure out from where to start contributing. I have already forked the repo and looked into the basic things but am not able to figure out what to contribute.

If I can be guided as to what are the things to which I can start contributing then I would be grateful to you. I also have found it difficult to find the source to communicate to the organisation as I could not see any thing like Gitter where openstreetmap is present. Please correct me if I am wrong and guide me to a better mode of communication.
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