[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Added color preview box in tag browser sidebar (#1779)

Štefan Baebler notifications at github.com
Fri Mar 9 13:43:00 UTC 2018

@gravitystorm, current solution is not "accepting" any key, it is merely taking a hint from the key that the editor might have tried to tag some colour and tries to visualize it if the value is a valid colour.

As I wrote above in the code reviewing discussion:
> Key validation on the other hand is performed in the key column of the sidebar. Currently the only visual indicator is the presence of the link to wiki. That link is unfortunately missing for many valid keys (eg when key legitimately contains some variable or the wiki page is not existing or redirecting to a more general key). There might be also cases when the key was deprecated, but the link still exists because the page remained in wiki for reference. Key validity indication could be improved, to not just existence of wiki page but
> also some other metadata from wiki (redirect, status...) or
> link to most suitable wiki page (eg it the key is "building:levitating" which does not exist in wiki, just link to the first part "building" to the "key:building" wiki page which would give editors more hints about the topic and how to fix the tagging) or
> OSM data (eg order tags by key occurance count)
> some keys are only valid on specific elements (relations, ways, nodes),
> some keys are requiring presence of related tags (eg drink:* tag requires appropriate shop or amenity tag)
> Key validation is a complex topic to be tackled separately.


> It would not be clear to users to know why they don't see the colour preview box for their mispelled "buidling:colour=#aaa" tag. Absence of color preview box may say that something is wrong, but it would not point to the key, but would most likely leave user wondering whether should it be "#aaaaaa" or "lightgrey" or "lightgray" or "paledesertwhite" or ...?

TL;DR: Key "validation" (or better: level of approval) should be indicated next to the key in the left column of the browser sidebar.

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