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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Wed Mar 14 00:42:54 UTC 2018

> The logic to route requests to either Rails port or cgimap is a just a few lines in the Apache configuration and can be easily adjusted as needed. Running cgimap itself seems to be manageable quite well via a systemd script. Overall this approach seems very reasonable to me, even for third parties.

That pre-supposes that you're using Apache, or are running on your own machine, etc. If you want to spin up an openstreetmap-website instance on e.g. Heroku, OpenShift or some other Rails hosting, then having everything as gem dependencies would be better. We know that deployments have to use "apt get" and "bundle install" so it's worth trying to remove additional complexity.

> knowledge in both Ruby and C++, a skillset that is very rare out there.

That's definitely a risk. I'm not yet sure how big the cgimap-ruby surface area would be, or whether it's a thin layer between cgimap and ruby that won't need much maintaining when it's working.

> AFAIK, Paul suggested it as GSoC 2018 project, or it has been moved from the GSoC 2017 page to the current one. Maybe a student is brave enough to look into it.

That would be great if it happened!

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