[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Added color preview box in tag browser sidebar (#1779)

Štefan Baebler notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 19 22:08:35 UTC 2018

@tomhughes: "nonce" = number used _once_, not a long term secret configured somewhere in chef

@mmd-osm: you made a good point with overly-intrusive colours, but in reality most building colours are not as vivid/saturated as in our test cases, but usually much more pale. Having it shown more pale than the actual value might encourage users to enter more aggressive/vivis/saturated colours, so that they would look nice in the browser.

@HolgerJeromin: valid point about mobile not having hover, here is a sample with smaller boxes: size 12x12px, same as 12px font for in the table, with 4px margin on top and bottom to keep them vertically centered:
Would that be better?

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