[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Implement "Download VCF/vCard" adjacent to "Download XML" for easier address book imports (#2043)

Meitar M. notifications at github.com
Sun Nov 4 01:05:10 UTC 2018

I would love to see a "Download VCF" or "Download vCard" link next to the current "Download XML" links at the bottom of node and way pages on the OSM website. I implemented a demonstration of my desired functionality in [a userscript for you to see an example](https://github.com/meitar/osm2vcf) of what I mean.

My rationale for this is that, while I love OpenStreetMap, a lot of my mapping activity is done in conjunction with my travel. When I travel, I tend to create contact cards ([vCard](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6350)s) in my personal information management tools for ease of reference. Just as often, places that I learn about exist on OSM before they exist in my personal address book. In these cases, I would love to download the data already available from OSM in a format that my address book can easily consume.

Therefore, I propose a simple mapping between OSM tags and RFC 6350 properties: 

| OSM key |  RFC 6350 property |
| `name` | `N` |
| `image` | `PHOTO` |
| `addr:*` | `ADR` |
| `description` | `NOTE` |
|  `website` | `URL` |

The `ADR` conversion is the only one among these that require a little more detail. You can see [my demonstration implementation here](https://github.com/meitar/osm2vcf/blob/1cf678aff65cd42056b237fd15f3fe92d4e2c6e8/osm2vcf.user.js#L107-L112). More verbosely:

| OSM key |  RFC 6350 `ADR` component |
| `addr:housenumber` | `ADR-component-ext` |
| `addr:street` | `ADR-component-street` |
| `addr:city` | `ADR-component-locality` |
| `addr:state` | `ADR-component-region` |
| `addr:postcode` | `ADR-component-code` |
| `addr:country` | `ADR-component-country` |

It would be wonderful if the OSM website had such a one-click download option. Thanks for your consideration!

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