[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Properly mark `tel:` link on multiple phone numbers in the POI (#2069)

Nutchanon Wetchasit notifications at github.com
Sun Nov 25 16:56:55 UTC 2018

The alternate `contact:phone` key is now confirmed to be affected too:

- [Screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/BsLS5c.png) of _[Cannondale Bicycle](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5370502598)_ (two phone numbers) V.S. [screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/kUFs2u.png) of _[Kitty Cat Cafe](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5157438000)_ (single phone number)

You would see that multiple phone numbers in `contact:phone` field are not autolinked, while the one with single phone number is linked correctly (as seen on tooltip in the screenshot).

The problem is also confirmed to apply to the `fax` key and its alternate form `contact:fax` as well:

- [Screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/80ks8W.png) of _[Royal Project Foundation](https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/531170044)_ (two fax numbers) V.S. [screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/spx7vV.png) of _[Phradabos Foundation](https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/533597559)_ (single fax number).
- [Screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/0b0gc6.png) of _[SF Biz Hotel](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1237147527)_ (two fax numbers) V.S. [screenshot](https://u.cubeupload.com/xwindows/ZV8fdZ.png) of _[Taopoon Police Station](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5837616754)_ (single fax number).

You would see that multiple fax numbers in `fax` (or `contact:fax`) field are not autolinked, while ones with single fax number are linked correctly (as seen on tooltip in each screenshot).

Browser: Opera 11.64 (Win32)
System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

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