[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] GPX files not following standard (#2208)

bjoeni notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 14 17:55:54 UTC 2019

Maybe it's just me, but I think saying that you're violating it doesn't exactly make it any better. Standards are there for a reason and imo especially important for open source projects.

My preferred solution would still be extracting it to another element defined by an extension, and as said above I think it would only break the editors again. Any software designed for the original sorted waypoints would probably anyways be better off without the affected waypoints, rather than with randomized ones that it's expecting to be in order.

**Alternative suggestion:**
If that's not an option at all, what about creating an extension for the trkType or trkSegType so that the user can at least distinguish between untagged tracks and the list of untrackable waypoints? Because that's what caused the latest JOSM bug mentioned in the first post.
  <!-- metadatastuff -->
      <!-- all the trackable traces / waypoints as is -->
      <!-- all non-trackable waypoints -->
        <!-- or ordered/sorted/whatever -->
Would still violate the standard (and make it impossible to use the GPX file outside of a specifically designed editor), but better than nothing I guess.

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