[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Idempotency for API 0.6 (#2201)

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Sat Apr 20 20:19:45 UTC 2019

@simonpoole : I thought more in terms of "OkHttp retries when a client attempts to reuse a TCP connection that a server has unexpectedly closed." as mentioned in [this issue](https://github.com/square/okhttp/issues/4963), only created 3 days ago for 3.12.x. The issue starts out with:
_"What they complain about is that data is uploaded to the server but mobile still shows as not uploaded. I have researched a bit and found that okHttp is retrying requests on connection failure and guess it is related to this topic."_

This may be some peculiar issue relevant only to some apps, that's why I'm asking if you experienced this before with Vespucci.

And sorry for the mix up wrt Kotlin and the minor version breakage. I thought the Kotlin story was more of a concern, obviously both moves aren't exactly helpful for Vespucci.

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