[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Limit number of edits per user and day (#2342)

mmd notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 8 18:09:08 UTC 2019

Come to think of it, we should probably focus a bit more on UX and discuss ways on how to guide (new) users without patronizing them too much.

In particular, large scale uploads, or massive moving around of nodes (based on some well meaning clean up effort) could be easily detected in JOSM and combined with other user metrics like number of changesets or day or date of registration. Also, JOSM knows how much time a user spent in an editing session and can figure out, if it's a simply Overpass download, search and replace and upload within 1 minute kind of mechanical upload, which the API would never be able to figure out.

On top, we can present fully localized messages to the user, along with a nice graphical step-by-step guide to go through some checklist or similar, rather than some technical HTTP error message the API would return.

So again, let's focus on the user experience first, think how the user interaction could look like, and what kind of guidance would be reasonable and acceptable.

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