[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] [WIP] Supporting multiple API versions (#2353)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 22 12:02:44 UTC 2019

>     * where are all these "backward-compatible but needs-API-bump changes that have been stuck for years changes" documented?

Find your favourite API-0.7 wishlist, ignore the stuff about areas, and there's your list. :smile: 

Different people have created different lists over the years. I'm not intending to implement many changes, just the ones that I've been personally complaining about since API 0.6 was released over a decade ago (like incorrect http status codes, and plain-text responses, and stuff like that).

> in general I oppose all of this on the grounds that the GDPR related changes need to be implemented first

I know that you **want** them first, but that doesn't mean that they **need** to be done first. 

In particular, if the GDPR-related changes can be made without changing the API version then they can be implemented in parallel to this work, and so they are not interdependent. If they need to break API compatibility, then this work will need to come first anyway. So either way, they don't need to come first.

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