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Fri Aug 30 17:02:46 UTC 2019

I tend to agree that we have multiple lifecycles/versioning depending on what you look at. One the one hand, we add features over time to the API in an incremental/non breaking way by either extending existing endpoints or adding new ones. The downside of the current approach is that we have no mechanism to communicate those changes to the outside world. I think this would be a good ft for some semantic versioning, and now would be a good time to seriously think about it, rather than introducing some 0.7 version with some fuzzy requirements. 

Now, regarding the XML documents: everything that has been done in the recent years mostly left those unchanged. Some minor tweaks like adding an `if-unused` attribute in the OsmChange message happened on a message that isn't versioned anyway. For the OSM XML format, I think we never did any changes (?!), and any proposed changes (apart from introducing an area model) don't seem to force us to create a new version of the OSM XML format.

Re. the future OSM JSON format (which will be using the Overpass API JSON format), I'm not sure what the best approach would be. Technically, it's still using the same OSM API 0.6 data model underneath, so we might just call that 0.6 as well?

I think it would be good to  establish an independent versioning for the different parts.

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