[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] API key dispenser (#2145)

Roland Olbricht notifications at github.com
Sun Feb 17 20:37:28 UTC 2019

> Well a "share" button that shares a link that doesn't work is kind of useless anyway! So expiring the token and hence breaking the link seems like the wrong solution.

There is no GDPR friendly way to have such a link anyway. Osm.org, Overpass API, or both would need to start tracking users on third party sites to make such a link working, dependigng on the implementation. An important concern in such a situation is substantially and permanently increased support requests because the tracking is at odds with browser settings or extensions.

Once Overpass Turbo uses the usual moustace syntax, i.e. [api_key:{{apikey}}] and stores the key as first party cookie (or whatever) then we get out of the tracking situation because it is bilateral between the user and Overpass Turbo.

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