[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Get reported issues into OTRS (#1903)

dieterdreist notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 27 09:32:13 UTC 2019

Am Mi., 27. Feb. 2019 um 10:27 Uhr schrieb mboeringa <
notifications at github.com>:

> Recently, there has been quite a flurry of spam diary entries with most if
> not all users having zero OpenStreetMap edits. Obviously, requiring edits
> to be made, might reduce the number of spam diary entries (at the slight
> risk of increased junk edits, but I have seen only a few cases of combined
> junk edit + diary spam, the majority of spam is with 0 edits).

I agree we could restrict the creation of diary entries to accounts which
have at least 1 (or 23?) map edit(s). There could be an exception for OSMF
board members if required.

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