[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Hiding all comments on hidden diary entries (#2276)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 25 09:01:57 UTC 2019

When a diary entry is hidden by a moderator, the comments on that diary entry currently still show up on the 'user comments list' e.g. osm.org/example-user/diary/comments , unless they are manually hidden too.

There are two sets of comments to consider, those posted by the author of the hidden diary entry, and those posted by other community members. There are three main options when hiding a diary entry:

* Leave all comments as visible (current behaviour)
* Hide comments from the author of the entry, but leave other comments visible
* Hide all comments (proposed behaviour)

Remember that this only applies to the 'user comments list' pages, since the original diary entry page will be gone and the comments don't show up there regardless of their visibility.

At first glance I think it's reasonable to hide all the comments, since presumably the diary entry was hidden for a very good reason, and the comments are generally not so interesting when the original context has been removed. But before implementing this, I'd like to hear what other people think about it in case there are other things I haven't considered.

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