[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] [WIP] Add Docker Compose Support (#2406)

Jamie Alessio notifications at github.com
Sun Oct 20 02:19:38 UTC 2019

This PR is primarily intended as a way of concretely demonstrating potential improvements / responding to reviewers in PR https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/pull/2272 by @fazlerabbi37.

### Notable changes

- Reorganized the directory structure based on experience using this structure successfully on several other projects.
- Use a `postgis` Docker image instead of `postgres` since we definitely need PostGIS.
- Combine `RUN` commands to reduce the number of layers in Docker images.
- Don't compile Ruby or install gems in the `db` image. We just need a single header file in order to build `libpgosm.so`.
- Turns out the `docker_postgres.sh` script which installs the OSM-specific Postgres extensions wasn't actually being run because of a missing slash. Fixed that _(and renamed the file to include `openstreetmap` in the name to make its purpose clear).
- Switched from `ruby:2.5-slim` to `ruby:2.5` since we're installing so much stuff anyway _(ok, fine - it's mostly because it has `curl` installed by default which saves some bootstrapping trouble 😛)_. I'm happy to be talked out of this one.

### TODO

- [ ] Review and update `DOCKER.md`. I haven't touched this other than moving it to the top-level directory. 
- [ ] I wonder if just using an Ubuntu image for `web` would be easier since we'd get sane Ruby and NodeJS defaults? Additionally, we could just copy/paste the current instructions from `INSTALL.md` and what is used for Vagrant instead of inventing a separate set of installation instructions.
- [ ] Get feedback on the addition of a `Makefile` at the top level for running `docker-compose` commands _(doesn't seem like that great of an idea)_.
- [ ] Deal with Postgres persistence. Instructions for this included at https://hub.docker.com/_/postgres
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Add Dockerfile for rails app
  * Modify Dockerfile to fix comment for postgresql-client installation error
  * Modify Dockerfile to separate apt cache clean, npm comment, and removed jobs from bundle install
  * Add docker_postgres.sh for PostgreSQL extension and functions
  * Add Dockerfile.postgres for postgres app
  * Add docker-compose.yml to build the complete app
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres to fix script path
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres to upgrade postgres image to 11
  * modify Dockerfile to change postgresql-client package and install phantomjs via npm
  * modify docker-compose.yml to fix context path
  * add DOCKER.md file with docker setup instructions
  * add .dockerignore file to list ignorable file for docker
  * modify DOCKER.md to add database population
  * modify DOCKER.md to add app config
  * moved docker_postgres.sh to docker directory
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres file to change pgsql script location
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres file to add app location and gem install
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres file to move db function directory
  * modify docker_postgres.sh to fix libpgosm location
  * modify Dockerfile to add osmosis
  * modify DOCKER.md to add osmosis instructions
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres to add ruby compilation
  * modify Dockerfile.postgres to change owner to postgres
  * Reorganize docker-compose files
  * Require newer version of docker-compose
  * Re-org includes following directory re-org
  * Use currently 'supported' version of Postgres
  * Move 'ADD' later in build process to preserve layer caches
  * Dockerfile cleanup to minimize image layers
  * Drop unneeded image names from docker-compose.yml
  * Update build context for 'db'
  * More re-org of main Dockerfile for better layer caching
  * Remove dockerignore file for less build surprises
  * Fix db Dockerfile path
  * Port forward Postgres to a less common port to avoid conflicts
  * Rename Postgres init script
  * Build shared object in Dockerfile, not at run time
  * Use PG11. Don't install Ruby - just get headers for PG extension.
  * Add db name to database URL for docker-compose
  * Temporary(?) Makefile for docker-compose shortcuts

-- File Changes --

    A DOCKER.md (99)
    A Dockerfile (52)
    A Makefile (10)
    A docker-compose.yml (24)
    A docker/postgres/Dockerfile (25)
    A docker/postgres/openstreetmap-postgres-init.sh (7)

-- Patch Links --


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