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Thu Oct 24 15:04:26 UTC 2019

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> +    docker-compose build
+Now if this is your first time running or you have removed cache this will take some time to complete. So grab tea/coffee and sit tight. Once the Docker images have finished building you can launch the images as containers.
+To launch the app run:
+    docker-compose up -d
+This will launch one Docker container for each 'service' specified in `docker-compose.yml` and run them in the background. There are two options for inspecting the logs of these running containers:
+- You can tail logs of a running container with a command like this: `docker-compose logs -f web` or `docker-compose logs -f db`.
+- Instead of running the containers in the background with the `-d` flag, you can launch the containers in the foreground with `docker-compose up`. The downside of this is that the logs of all the 'services' defined in `docker-compose.yml` will be intermingled. If you don't want this you can mix and match - for example, you can run the database in background with `docker-compose up -d db` and then run the Rails app in the foreground via `docker-compose up web`.
+### Migrations
+While the `db' service is running, open another terminal windows and run:

👍 Fixed

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