[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Can't proceed after bundler install (#2401)

Carlos Magno Oliveira de Abreu notifications at github.com
Sun Oct 27 04:36:36 UTC 2019

@mmd-osm after follow the instructions from https://github.com/fazlerabbi37/openstreetmap-website/tree/docker I have now a database container running and an image from the website but I cant put the website container to run.

Actualy I do not ran the docker compose file. Just build the two steps (database and website) one after other. I can put the database to run and can access it from outside Docker.

I can build the website image but I can't run it because when I try to run `bundle exec rails s -p 3000 -b ''` I got the help for `bundle exec new`:

  rails new APP_PATH [options]

      [--skip-namespace], [--no-skip-namespace]            # Skip namespace (affects only isolated applications)
  -r, [--ruby=PATH]                                        # Path to the Ruby binary of your choice
                                                           # Default: /usr/local/bin/ruby
  -m, [--template=TEMPLATE]                                # Path to some application template (can be a filesystem path or URL)
  -d, [--database=DATABASE]                                # Preconfigure for selected database (options: mysql/postgresql/sqlite3/oracle/frontbase/ibm_db/sqlserver/jdbcmysql/jdbcsqlite3/jdbcpostgresql/jdbc)
                                                           # Default: sqlite3
      [--skip-yarn], [--no-skip-yarn]                      # Don't use Yarn for managing JavaScript dependencies
      [--skip-gemfile], [--no-skip-gemfile]                # Don't create a Gemfile
  -G, [--skip-git], [--no-skip-git]                        # Skip .gitignore file
      [--skip-keeps], [--no-skip-keeps]                    # Skip source control .keep files
  -M, [--skip-action-mailer], [--no-skip-action-mailer]    # Skip Action Mailer files
  -O, [--skip-active-record], [--no-skip-active-record]    # Skip Active Record files
      [--skip-active-storage], [--no-skip-active-storage]  # Skip Active Storage files
  -P, [--skip-puma], [--no-skip-puma]                      # Skip Puma related files
  -C, [--skip-action-cable], [--no-skip-action-cable]      # Skip Action Cable files
  -S, [--skip-sprockets], [--no-skip-sprockets]            # Skip Sprockets files
      [--skip-spring], [--no-skip-spring]                  # Don't install Spring application preloader
      [--skip-listen], [--no-skip-listen]                  # Don't generate configuration that depends on the listen gem
      [--skip-coffee], [--no-skip-coffee]                  # Don't use CoffeeScript
  -J, [--skip-javascript], [--no-skip-javascript]          # Skip JavaScript files
      [--skip-turbolinks], [--no-skip-turbolinks]          # Skip turbolinks gem
  -T, [--skip-test], [--no-skip-test]                      # Skip test files
      [--skip-system-test], [--no-skip-system-test]        # Skip system test files
      [--skip-bootsnap], [--no-skip-bootsnap]              # Skip bootsnap gem
      [--dev], [--no-dev]                                  # Setup the application with Gemfile pointing to your Rails checkout
      [--edge], [--no-edge]                                # Setup the application with Gemfile pointing to Rails repository
      [--rc=RC]                                            # Path to file containing extra configuration options for rails command
      [--no-rc], [--no-no-rc]                              # Skip loading of extra configuration options from .railsrc file
      [--api], [--no-api]                                  # Preconfigure smaller stack for API only apps
  -B, [--skip-bundle], [--no-skip-bundle]                  # Don't run bundle install
      [--webpack=WEBPACK]                                  # Preconfigure for app-like JavaScript with Webpack (options: react/vue/angular/elm/stimulus)


I got the sane result when I try to run `bundle exec rails server`

I've noticed I can't run any `rake` command from the docker container. The error is there is no rake file present.

I know you guys is not responsible to the Docker container but I can't open any issue at https://github.com/fazlerabbi37/openstreetmap-website. I hope you can put some light here because I know nothing about Ruby.

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