[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Supporting multiple API versions (#2353)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 30 10:23:48 UTC 2019

> The next version of the files can be `0.7` or anything else we like, sometimes new API versions will mean new file versions, sometimes not

I'd like to check what you're proposing here. For example, lets say in the next version of the API, the nodes/ways/relations output is the same, but the format of the notes output is different[1]. Are you proposing

a) all endpoints should continue to output `version=0.6`
b) nodes/ways/relations should output `version=0.6` but notes should output `version=0.7`
c) something else?

Secondly, what if we introduce a new OSM document in the API? Until now, we've just used the existing number. For example, if we add a <diary_entry> API[2]. What number would that then output? Do you think it would be best to

a) start again from 0.1 for fresh OSM document types
b) start from the lowest existing number in use
c) start from the highest existing number in use
d) something else?

[1] This is a genuine plan of mine, to make notes have a description instead of a special first comment, so I'm not making a strawman
[2] Also something I genuinely want to add, but it's not dependent on having a new API version so could come before or after these changes.

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