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MegaArthur notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 18 05:26:30 UTC 2019

I use OSM and contribute to it daily, but there is this one thing that's been bugging me for a while now: interactivity.

After succesfully adding data for lots of elements (or just if you're searching for something) you'd probably like to inspect that element on the osm.org website and see its' detail.

The current method to do that is:
- Rightclick near the feature and choose "query features"
- Wait for way too long for overpass to return too many results which you need to filter
- Look at the tags in the form of raw OSM tags, this isn't too user friendly (although mapper friendly)

Second method:
- Enable "OSM data view" which is already too many clicks
- Sort through an ugly blue overlay to find what you want
- Look at the tags in form (...)

I say there should be two additions to the OSM website:

1. A simple way to click on the rendered features from the get-go, like automatically and always displaying the OSM Data overlay transparently and at certain zoom levels only.

2. A nice UI for the properties of an object, like the current left pane, but with tags interpreted and shown nicely instead of as raw data. Removing (or moving to the bottom) the last changeset description would also help, it can be pretty confusing for new users.

Thank you

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