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Sun Sep 29 17:32:00 UTC 2019

@Zverik has brought up this topic again in http://shtosm.ru/all/zhelaem-togo-chto-imeem/ and https://2019.stateofthemap.org/sessions/V7NUWP/

This could be done by a single SQL statement (see https://gist.github.com/mmd-osm/fff7f5620def9affd5477da6aeb419b9 for how this could look like for ways). I don't know how expensive this is in production, and if we should restrict it to a range of version numbers rather than evaluating the full history.

The example query returns a flat list of node id/version numbers, which would be served back to the client along with the respective way versions (which is a separate SQL statement). This way, the amount of data to be transferred would be kept to an absolute minimum. It would be the responsibility of the client to reassemble the full history based on those node and way versions, which shouldn't really be an issue.

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