[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Bad localization for names in links (#2755)

Bibi56 notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 6 13:45:57 UTC 2020

> Ah actually that was probably because I have en in my browser languages so it picked that up when there wasn't a french name.

No, even if you remove `en` from your browser languages. I did check with/without being connected, Browser preferences are used only when the user is not connected.

OSM should be neutral. OSM default map is neutral.
What I do expect is that the "known" user languages are used.
And here English is used for no good reasons. If a user wants to see English he has to tune his/her account or his/her browser settings.

> Don't fall back to name:en if it's not in the user's language list

Sounds good to me.

One tricky part is to know the language of name. Here, thanks to the position and the default_language=de we know that name means name:de.
Apparently (see _Wermter Fashion_ example), it's not the case. You may want to create a specific issue.

So use `name` if `de` is in the user preference list or as very fail-back.

I was mentioning the alphabet as getting something in Cyrillic or Arabic alphabet may be an issue for some users. But then transliteration is probably better (openstreetmap.de does the job). I'm not saying it should be done here.

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