[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Change labeling strategy for rare key/value combinations in search result list (#2775)

Sarah Hoffmann notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 14 09:40:58 UTC 2020

Follow-up of #2589. When displaying a label for the search result lists, the website currently uses a beautified form of the value when it cannot find an entry in the key/value label table. That is normally quite convenient for English speakers but results in untranslated strings when viewing the site in another language.

We could switch the strategy here and use the key value instead. So 'shop=hearing_aid' would result in 'shop' instead of 'hearing_aid'. The advantage here is that the we know exactly the set of keys that may appear. There are only a dozen or two of them, so it is easy to keep translations for them.  (At least for search result display, I need to check what the Overpass results do. We can always use an even more generic fallback for unknown keys there.) It looses a bit of information for English speakers.

I'm happy to provide a PR for such a change but wanted to get an opinion first if that sounds like a good idea.

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