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Wed Aug 19 17:08:00 UTC 2020

@LaPingvino The file in the zip has no permissions. 

Anyway here is the contents:
From: Alex Pigot <alex.pigot at addressingtheunaddressed.org>
To: "ikojba at gmail.com" <ikojba at gmail.com>
CC: ATU Ireland <atuireland at gmail.com>
Subject: Letter received
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 14:25:23 +0000
Dear Joop,
We have received your letter below at our office in Kolkata, thank you.
To answer your query, as far as we know the codes are never used by postal =
authorities as the 'only option' to deliver the mail. However they are used=
 to identify the correct dwelling in an area.
For logistics companies and those who wish to find a dwelling the code can =
be used with Google Maps satnav systems to provide turn by turn directions =
through slum lanes
If you wish to open up a discussion further please to make contact.
And of course we will provide you with names of slum dwellers who would lik=
e to receive your letter as proof the system exists - please can you tell m=
e how many names you would like us to get for you.
Thank you for your interest.
With kind regards,
PS I am copying our project manager Subhashis Nath in this email also.
Alex Pigot
CEO, Addressing the Unaddressed
+353 87 2486665<tel:087%20248%206665> | +91 98743 97770<tel:+91%2098743%209=
7770> | alex.pigot at addressingtheunaddressed.org<mailto:alex.pigot at addressin=
gtheunaddressed.org> | www.addressingtheunaddressed.org<http://www.addressi=
Addressing the Unaddressed, T8 Maple Avenue Stillorgan Industrial Park Blac=
krock Co Dublin A94 RT20 Ireland
Addressing the Unaddressed (India), 7MJCG9C5+QVFF<https://goo.gl/maps/UqVkF=
gBLsys>, Ground Floor, 14 Panditiya Terrace, Kolkata, 700029, West Bengal, =

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