[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] JSON output nodes, ways, relations, map (#2485)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Fri Feb 28 09:51:19 UTC 2020

So have you completely ignored the rails processing and done your own from scratch? I'm not sure that isn't even more scary... At the very least it means I now have to read and understand the RFC and check it's right :-(

Can you explain more about the JOSM issue? Does it only affect old versions or does it still affect the current version? Has it been reported?

Large scale changes to the tests may be annoying, but avoiding them is not a good reason to use a suboptimal solution to something - sometimes refactoring is the right thing to do.

All the other points seem reasonable though I don't know yet what that actually means in terms of our options. I hope to investigate over the weekend.

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