[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Language variant support in OSM website. (#2636)

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Wed Jun 3 06:36:56 UTC 2020

Currently, I have set my OSM account's "preferred language" as follow:
zh-HK zh-hk zh-Hant zh-hant zh-TW zh-tw zh zh-yue yue yue-Hant yue-HK yue-Hans zh-classical lzh ja-Hani ko-Hani ko_hanja vi-Hani ja-hani ko-hani vi-hani en-HK en-hk en-SG en-sg en-GB en-gb en-US en-us en ja

And language setting in my browser is as follow:
Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese, English (US), English, Japanese

However, when I head to OpenStreetMap website and view a feature or search result, for example when I click on https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/4103379 , what it display is for the name of the relation is:
Relation: 渡岛综合振兴局 (4103379)

With "渡岛综合振兴局" being the value for "name:zh=*" in the openstreetmap feature, instead of the value of "name:zh-Hant=*" which is "渡島綜合振興局", despite zh-Hant have been set to have higher preference both in my OSM account setting and in my browser setting.

Please fix the support for the language variant in the OSM website.

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