[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] [interal message system] request: add potiential forward (function)/button (#2644)

sun-geo notifications at github.com
Sat Jun 6 16:24:31 UTC 2020

Use case: i'm using occasionally (gladly) the OSM.org internal message system for private pn's. Sometimes i get no reply on a message which i did sent somebody for any request or a question regarding a map change. It's known that there are situations that you will not get an answer from every receivers on first request. So i would forward my own message to same person let say 1 or 2 weeks later. For this action i would like to have a forward (function)/button.
It seems ther are 2 options for meaningful implementation positions:

a) on the view of the outbox maybe left side of the "delete" button
b) when open the sent message on the top, somewhere next to the subjet text

Thanks a lot 

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