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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 26 07:53:06 UTC 2020

> . I think this naming is consistent with what we've done with other layers, using the layer name rather than a description. We've used that for MapQuest, HOT, Transport, and close to that to OpenCycleMap.

This is the exact opposite of what I was trying to say! I think the user interface should show what is useful to the user, i.e. what the topic of the map layer is, not whatever the codename of the project is or which organisation is behind it.

For example, the "Standard" layer shows a roughly standard map - it doesn't have a narrower topic than that. We don't call this layer "openstreetmap-carto" since that would be meaningless to most people. We (thankfully) no longer call it Mapnik. And if the project that implements this is changed, again, perhaps to openstreetmap-cartographic, then I would expect it still to be called "Standard" in the user interface.

The "Humanitarian" layer is another one - it shows a map with the topic of "Humanitarian", but not "HDM-CartoCSS" (the project name) nor HOT (the organisation behind it).

The "Transport Map" layer shows a Transport themed map. The project is called Thunderforest Transport, by Thunderforest, but we don't use either of those in the layer picker.

The "Cycle Map" layer is named like it is for historical reasons, and could be better named something like Cycling. But again, it's neither OpenCycleMap nor mentioning Thunderforest.

In summary, my view of what we should be doing showing the topic, not the implementation details, of each layer.

| Topic (shown to user) | Project Name (not shown)     | Hosting Organisation| Notes                         |
| Standard              | openstreetmap-carto     | OSMF                             |                               |
| Cycle Map        | OpenCycleMap            | Thunderforest                    | Topic could be renamed to "Cycling" |
| Transport Map             | Thunderforest Transport | Thunderforest                    | Topic could be renamed to "Transport"  |
| Humanitarian          | HDM-CartoCSS            | HOT                              |                               |

(For the avoidance of doubt, as well as being a maintainer here, I'm also the creator of two of the existing styles. I'm wearing my OpenStreetMap hat here, not my Thunderforest hat, and I'm not asking for the Thunderforest brand name, or the project names of either of these two styles, to be shown in the user interface - quite the opposite.)

As for the MapQuest layer, or the tiles at home layer, or the Mapnik label - yes, those existed, and I think they were poor choices of label. I think we should learn from our previous mistakes, and continue to use topics as the label shown to the user.

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