[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Bump bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.5.0 (#2674)

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Fri Jun 26 18:24:48 UTC 2020

Bumps [bootstrap](https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem) from 4.3.1 to 4.5.0.
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/1074f7dec00fc42a38f5e3e5847b27bec431a041"><code>1074f7d</code></a> Bump to v4.5.0</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/931a680337506c115ee276c3830d322fdafac029"><code>931a680</code></a> rake 'update[v4.5.0]'</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/5d8c6b7117ffe5e1a4eb76126728aa26dd8c89d4"><code>5d8c6b7</code></a> Exclude rails 4 with ruby 2.7</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/030ae41ed0b0d6faff6300abd3fd89b07a7c4754"><code>030ae41</code></a> Test with Rails 6.0</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/146a87f588f50466f3dd908869d957809bc6c456"><code>146a87f</code></a> Use URI.open instead of deprecated open</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/ed341427b4b97adc10873cbf93fc947b063623cc"><code>ed34142</code></a> Remove 2.3 &amp; add newer rubies to test matrix</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/ef343b781ca1316ba3953295222578a65bd576c0"><code>ef343b7</code></a> Bump to v4.4.1</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/db40701d4d42f44c9db041c9737e4a566be64489"><code>db40701</code></a> Rails test: create tmp directory</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/4fae71effb3d108fa4d3467210c15b038c974695"><code>4fae71e</code></a> Switch from poltegergeist to cuprite</li>
<li><a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/commit/4ec14734081d792a869378f277fba6cf33f7bef7"><code>4ec1473</code></a> add test/dummy_rails/app/assets/config/manifest.js</li>
<li>Additional commits viewable in <a href="https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-rubygem/compare/v4.3.1...v4.5.0">compare view</a></li>
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Bump bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.5.0

-- File Changes --

    M Gemfile (2)
    M Gemfile.lock (4)

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