[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add Wiki Link to Heading (#3041)

Tucker Chapman notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 1 17:25:07 UTC 2021

I cannot think of a website that has more links than the wiki. Sure it is not in the header but there are links to it everywhere, especially when you are mapping with iD (JOSM users will probably already have the wiki open on another tab). The links even go directly to the most relevant page. When looking at a way all the tag names are direct links to the wiki as well. If we add a link to the header you can only link to the main page of the wiki which might be confusing because it is a different website and not very helpful other than the user is now on the wiki.

The question to ask is what problem is linking to the wiki in the header going to solve and is the space it uses and possible confusion to user worth making that change.

> If you have any other ideas about a better placement, please share.

Higher placement on the "Help" page or a dedicated section on the "About" page would better serve new mappers by introducing them to the wiki. Once they know about it it is only a click away when they are mapping.

> Reordering its position on another part of the site will barely help the visibility issue compared to if it were in the heading. There will basically be no change.

What visibility issue? Links to the wiki are everywhere. 

> There will basically be no change.

Maybe in English but other locals already have longer secondary navs. Adding 25-30px may not seem like much but on smaller screens that adds up.  (a few examples)

| lang | width |
| --- | --- |
| en | ~500px |
| de | ~530px |
| es | ~625px |
| fr | ~625px |
| ru | ~660px |
| cy | ~660px |

The arguments against adding it to the header are already posted by @gravitystorm above and multiple users have pointed out how prominent the wiki is in the rest of the site. I do not see how adding a link to the header will improve visibility.

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