[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add Wiki Link to Heading (#3041)

Stefan notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 17 08:53:55 UTC 2021

I want to add, i never thought about pressing "help" to get to the wiki. Someone else linked it to me in the forum. I found the forum through google when i started, if i remember correctly. And, i started with osm 2013 with less activity. Did way more later. But i just stumbled by 'mistake' on help on September 2020 because it never occured to me to click on "help" to search there for a wiki or anything. Help is for me a FAQ and maybe a contact-formular to get support, but not where all the information about the community is. 

The top bar should be like that in my opinion:

`Community | Documentation | Help | About` 
Community contains: Forum, , local chapters, Help, Mailinglists, IRC.
Help contains: Welcome, Tutorial, Switch2osm, Organisations, Wiki
Documentation: A link to the wiki. Because it does not matter.
About contains: All the stuff thats there right now, copyright

GPS Tracks should be buried somewhere in a submenu, maybe somewhere in community, but not top level, same as use diaries. This is stuff that simply does not matter when tagging, its just there, because there is (was) no better place for that. Its not ideal, but for sure better than the current one in my opinion.

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