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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 17 10:06:12 UTC 2021

There have been many different options proposed here for a much wider rearrangement of the menus. I would be happy to see future proposals along these lines. If you are thinking about doing so, let me give some guidance, that I hope will help your proposal succeed:

* Rearranging all the menus is a big project, not the work of ten minutes adding a comment to this tracker.
* Your proposal should be carefully thought through. We don't want to just 'try it out' and then spend 3 months rearranging things when we realise something is wrong.
* The proposal should be comprehensive - every feature and external link that we have already should be included. No forgetting about traces or export or whatever and then finding there's nowhere to put it.
* The proposal should be extensible - including options for features that are under development or are reasonably conceivable in the near future, such as microcosms or integrating osm-community-index or QA tools. Show that you have considered these king of things, because I'll be considering them when reviewing your suggestion. 
* The proposal should be logical - you'll need to explain the basis for your thinking and reasons for your categorisation. There are 10,000 different ways to arrange the menus, and personal preferences are not a sufficient basis for categorisation.
* Consider the different users of the website and their different purposes. Just because one group don't use feature X doesn't mean it can be hidden in a submenu.
* Try it out before you propose it. What works on paper might not work in reality, and in trying to implement it you might discover other problems. If you don't want to edit this codebase, at least use some other UI prototyping technology to demonstrate to yourself that it works.

I hope this guidance can help lead to a good proposal that will be easily agreed on!

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