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Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 18:32:54 BST 2012

On 6/21/12 9:02 AM, Evin Fairchild wrote:
> There is still a lot of remapping to be done, especially in Los Angeles area
> where there are several mappers whom have not accepted the new license.
Yes, unfortunately there are still regions with a big requirement on 
remapping, even though on a world wide scale, it is now less than 2% 
[1]. At current growthrates that is about 2 - 3 months worth of data. 
Even though that still is a lot of data, it is hopefully no longer 
catastrophic to the project.

However, if you look at the recent progress on remapping [2] or getting 
more accounts to accept[3], the graphs have more or less leveled off 
since April. So currently very little progress on remapping is made and 
thus delaying the change over any further isn't going to improve the 
situation much anymore. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if waiting 
longer actually makes the situation worse, as there could be more data 
being tainted due to (new) people deriving from non-ODBL compliant data, 
than data getting untainted due to remapping or account acceptance.

So assuming the license change over to ODbL is happening at all (and 
that isn't really up for discussion anymore), imho now is as good a time 
to do the change over as there will be with respect to data loss. At 
some point one just has to bite the bullet and hope that the damage to 
the data can be fixed as soon as possible.


[1] http://odbl.poole.ch/
[2] http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/munin.html
[3] http://ni.kwsn.net/~toby/OSM/license_count.html
> Take a look at the Los Angeles area on OSM inspector
> (http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/?view=wtfe&lon=-118.10115&lat=33.91453&zoom=
> 10&opacity=0.40&overlays=overview,wtfe_point_clean,wtfe_line_clean,wtfe_poin
> t_harmless,wtfe_line_harmless,wtfe_point_inrelation,wtfe_line_inrelation_cp,
> wtfe_line_inrelation,wtfe_point_modified,wtfe_line_modified_cp,wtfe_line_mod
> ified,wtfe_point_created,wtfe_line_created_cp,wtfe_line_created).  Are you
> guys really willing to let this much data go down the drain?  There is also
> a similar issue in other cities and countries, including London, Germany,
> and especially Poland.  What is going to be done about all this data?  And
> why didn't the OSMF step in and help, since they were the ones forcing this
> upon us?
> -Compdude
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> Hi all,
> An (overdue!) progress update for you.
> As you will have read on this list, the test cases are essentially done.
> Of the 296 tests, only two (fairly minor ones) are failing. This is
> excellent news: it means the logic for the changeover is now complete.
> Huge thanks to everyone who's contributed to this.
> Given people's constraints on time and the community's (understandable)
> desire for the redaction to get underway asap, at our OSMF board meeting on
> Monday, we resolved to employ a developer to work on applying this logic to
> the OSM database. The remaining steps are essentially: to identify and
> complete any missing code, including failing tests that absolutely need to
> be resolved before moving on, and any 'bridging' code to the API; to make
> sure that this will run successfully against an OSM database; and then to
> run it against the production database.
> I'm really pleased to report that Andy Allan, who most of you will of course
> know, has agreed to take on this work and that he started on it today.
> Dermot and I will be working as the "interface" between Andy and OSMF and,
> of course, the community. If you have any questions, suggestions, other
> things that end in -estions, do of course throw them here.
> cheers
> Richard
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