[Rebuild] What happens to redacted ways that are left with no tags?

Spod OSM spodosm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 11:01:12 BST 2012

Am I correct in thinking that after the redaction bot has been run, a  
way from which all the tags have been removed (all the nodes were  
created by agreers, but all the tags were added by non-agreers) will  
be kept in the database even though it has no tags?

The tests in the test suite seem to show that this will be the case,  
but I just wanted to check that there isn't some other post-cleanup- 
process that will do something special with a remaining way that has  
no tags.

If so, I'll need to keep a look out for such ways, which aren't always  
clear to see in Potlatch against a dark background.

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