[Rebuild] Diff creation suspended until April 9th+ ?

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 19:39:39 BST 2012

Yes. I feel we need to sure up the plan around diffs a little.

What I wondering is, would it work to just keep them running, but moved to a different URL?  and then we re-point various key tools to keep running as normal during the in-between-period? (chief amongst these being the main tile server I suppose) 

I think Dermot and Matt's plan was to just not have diffs of the in-between-period, so maybe I'm throwing a spanner in the works by even suggesting it.  I can see it might be technically fiddly, but it's worth considering surely, because in a way it will take the pressure off during this in-between-period. It will mean we can take our time with running the bot and checking it is cleaning elements correctly, without a deafening cry of "the map isn't updating!" in the background.

On the other hand maybe this just wouldn't work. I know services can be quite sensitive and might blow up horribly if you accidentally miss a few minutes of diffs. There's some fun with postgres transaction ids which I surely don't understand too. Also depending on the speed of the bot changes, the diffs will be unusually large, and full of delete actions. If it won't work...  ignore me

Firefishy administers the diff generating process. Ultimately the rebuild team need to decide what exactly to ask him to do. But also we could try to forewarn mappers of the tile server updates situation, if that is the plan.


 From: Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht at gmx.de>
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Sent: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 17:11
Subject: [Rebuild] Diff creation suspended until April 9th+ ?
Dear all,

have I got it right that no diffs at all will be available until the end of 
the redaction? In particular, it is intended that
- all data users keep stick to the last CC-BY-SA planet until April 11th or a 
little bit later?
- the slippy map shows no updates until that date, although users can edit the 
- so does services like XAPI, the Geofabrik extracts, my Overpass API, and 
probably other services?

While I think this is not a problem in itself, I should be communicated quite 
clearly that there will be no feedback on edits in the transistion time, with 
a roughly 10-to-12-day-lag in the end. The step from once-a-week Mapnik to the 
minute Mapnik a long time ago had got broad feedback. Thus, quite a lot of 
users might be confused when these old times come back temporarily without 
explicit explanation.

Should there be a central announcement or should each service announce the 
update suspension itself?

Best regards,

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